The Economic Contribution Of The Film And Television Industries In Thailand 2012

The film and television industry in Thailand contributed USD2.22billion (68.3 billion Baht) to the country’s economy and supported 86,600 jobs in 2011. The industry also generated tax revenues of USD81.4 million (2.5 billion Baht).
The key findings of the Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industries in Thailand report found that in 2011, the film and television industry directly contributed:

  • USD2.22 billion (68.3 billion Baht) to the Thai GDP
  • Supported 86,600 jobs; and
  • USD81.4 million (2.5 billion Baht) in tax revenues

The industry’s total contribution was:

  • USD4.94 billion (151.8 billion Baht) to the Thai GDP
  • Supported 254,300 jobs overall; and
  • USD290 million (9.2 billion Baht) in total tax revenues

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.