The Economic Contribution Of The Film And Television Industries In China 2012

The report was launched with the support of China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association, China Film Copyright Association, China Audio Video Association, China Film Producers’ Association, China Directors’ Association, China Script Writers’ Association, leading online video websites including Sohu, Youku-Tudou, leTV and iQiyi, leading Chinese film studios and production houses including China Film Group, Bona Film, Enlight and DMG, and MPA member company studios.

The key findings of the Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industries in China report found that in 2011, the film and television industry directly contributed:
· USD15.5 billion (100 billion yuan) to the Chinese GDP
· Supported 909,000 jobs; and
· USD3.4 billion (22 billion) in tax revenues

The industry’s total contribution was:
· USD42.1 billion (272 billion yuan) to the Chinese GDP
· Supported 4.5 million jobs overall; and
· USD8.8 billion (57 billion) in total tax revenues

A copy of the full report can be found here.
Download the English one-sheeter here.
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