Economic Contribution Of The Japanese Film and Television Industry 2012

The film and television industry in Japan contributed USD145.9 billion (11,664.2 billion yen) in total economic impact to the country’s economy and supported 264,707 jobs in 2011.

The research was made possible with the assistance of a large number of Japanese film and television industry associations, including the Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan, Inc., Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan, Japan Association of Theatre Owners, Association of Japanese Animations, Japan Video Software Association, Compact Disc & Video Rental Commerce Trade Association of Japan and the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association.

The key findings of the Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industries in Japan report found that in 2011, the film and television industry’s total contribution was:

  • USD145.9 billion (11,664.2 billion yen) to the Japanese GDP; and
  • Supported 264,707 jobs overall.

The industry directly contributed:

  • USD68 billion (5,436.4 billion yen) to the Japanese GDP; and
  • Supported 88,569 jobs.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.