• Last night, the MPAA, along with the Australian Embassy, hosted a celebration of the global short film festival phenomenon, Tropfest.

    The evening included a screening of select Tropfest short films and remarks from MPAA Chairman Senator Chris Dodd and Deputy Head of Mission to the Embassy of Australia Ambassador Katrina Cooper
  • Australia's biggest-ever anti-piracy campaign, which features actor Bryan Brown and is universally supported by the screen industry, was launched on September 11.
  • Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2017 is a competition held to celebrate Jury’s picks of Filipino short films from all genres. Submit Your Film Here -

  • Mobile applications – the fun, useful programs that tell you how to get home, give you awesome bunny ears, introduce you to the love of your life, and let you text your friends across the world, and are cheap (maybe 99 cents) or even free – are being pirated like
  • On August 21, the Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court found Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies Co. (Xunlei), a large online content and service provider in China, liable for copyright infringement.
  • When it comes to enterprise-scale piracy, it would be great if those who advocate its existence would just make simple declarations like, “I want free media and don’t care how I get it.” Sure, that would be a childish thing to say, but still less offensive than all the pretense to rationale that accompanies piracy—the absurd legal arguments, the mystical economic analyses, and above all, the lionization of pirate site operators as though they are social revolutionaries in a grand culture war. (Never mind that some pirate sites are verticals for larger criminal enterprises engaged in some pretty horrible activities.)
  • Snowfall Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Director, and Writer John Singleton wrote an op-ed published in The Hill today. In the piece, he expressed concern over the next generation of creative voices not having the same opportunities he was given as a young filmmaker, as piracy threatens every single television show, indie film, and summer blockbuster.
  • On July 19, the D.C. Bar Intellectual Property Law Community’s Annual Reception honored this year’s distinguished recipient of the Champion of Intellectual Property (ChIP) Award: Maria Pallante, former Register of Copyrights and current President and CEO of the Association of American Publishers.
  • This Resource helps teachers and students understand the dangers that online pirate sites pose to users and their devices.
  • Jonathan Taplin’s new book Move Fast and Break Things, published in April of this year, (the title is based on Facebook’s internal motto, since modified to make the company appear more responsible) has been attracting considerable attention as he embarks on the usual book launch media tour, in this case Down Under in

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