• Awards season is a time of celebration in the film industry; the Baftas and the Oscars are providing a fantastic showcase of the very best that big screen can deliver to audiences all over the world.

    This moment when we celebrate the creativity that inspires and entertains us is also right
  • Jyn Erso is not a princess or a Jedi. She is, however, the second female character with a lead role in a “Star Wars” movie in the last two years.
  • Well, here we go. I’ve been waiting for this shoe to drop, and it looks like Josh Tabish, campaigns director for Vancouver-based OpenMedia, has decided to be among the first to throw a loafer. In an editorial for Wired, he warns that “the copyright barons” are coming now that Trump is in the White House.
  • The film industry in China is booming. Within just a few years, China has become the world’s second largest market, predicted to eclipse the US in less than five years.
  • The federal government has held talks with Hollywood's biggest movie studios and streaming service giant Netflix to bring more big budget and film and television projects to Australia.
  • Recently, I got a little grumpy over at Product Hunt, due to an undercurrent of snark around the fact that Netflix still has a DVD service.
  • It has been an “interesting” year for copyright down under in Australia; “interesting” in the sense of challenging and troublesome, but also with some glimmers of light and hope. It was the year in which the Productivity Commission brought out its destructive anti-copyright report, advocating a regime that if implemented as recommended by the Commission would undermine the foundations of creativity in Australia, but was also the year that saw the first successful application of Australia’s new site-blocking law.
  • In December 2015, in a slightly harried, last-minute fashion, I submitted a film to Tropfest New Zealand. I got a couple of hours sleep, woke up and caught a plane to another city for a conference for my day job. I almost didn’t bother submitting the film. For me, it
  • Rajkumar Akella was presented with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) Asia Pacific Copyright Educator (A.C.E.) Award today at CineAsia in recognition of his significant contribution to improving the ability for filmmakers and distributors in India to best protect their creative work in the digital ecosystem.
  • There is a lot of anxiety about jobs these days and with good reason. The subject of trade has a lot of people on edge, and we’re only just beginning to talk seriously about the very real prospect of automation killing middle-class jobs in places other than the obvious repetitive factory work.

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